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Anonymous asked:

When is the Spring Performance? What pieces will you guys be performing?

The Ballet San Jose School Spring Performances are on June 1st at 2 pm and 6 pm.

The 2pm (1 hour) show will feature our smallest dancers as well as our most advanced students. The 6pm (2 hour) show will feature levels 3 though 6. (The trainees will perform various pieces in both shows )

Along with Mads Eriksen’s Casting Shadows, Dalia Rawson’s Left, andAugust Bournonville’s Konservatoriet we will be performing various pieces of both contemporary and classical choreography which will demonstrate our dancers ability to adapt to different styles and display how far they have come in the past year.

We are incredibly proud of both our students and our faculty members for putting together such a wonderful performance. 

Be sure to get tickets today by calling the Ballet San Jose Box Office at (408) 288 - 2800 or visiting our website we hope to see you there!

Anonymous asked:

I am so so interested in Ballet San Jose after I graduate, for the trainee program and hopefully someday the company! how difficult is it to get into the program? I really love your company and the area you're in. So sad I live across the country haha

Hey there!

Sorry for the late response we have been very busy at Ballet San Jose finishing up the company season and preparing for our spring show! We hope we can help you with all of your questions.

First off we are happy to hear that you’re interested in the Trainee program, it is the best way to be seen by the artistic staff if you’re interested in the company.

Getting in to the trainee program is largely dependent on whether or not the artistic staff sees you as a potential part of the company as well as your individual skill level. We understand that you live across the county however for best chances of getting into the program you should attend Ballet San Jose’s summer intensive so that the staff may evaluate you over a decent period of time. It you would like more personalized advice on the trainee program feel free to send us another message with any other questions you might have about it and we will be sure to answer them. 

We hope to see you at our summer program!